Precision Health Insight Tool


Precision Health Insight Tool

In today’s U.S. Military environment, Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) captures a snapshot in time by reporting only a checklist of regulatory requirements such as “Did you get your flu shot?” and “Have you passed your dental exam?”, not the true holistic health of an individual. Instead, it answers a very tactical question: “Are you ready to deploy?”

Military leaders spend a significant amount of time monitoring readiness through reporting systems that pull from service-specific data sources, are mostly created and maintained manually and rely heavily on service member self-reporting. These reporting systems are at best descriptive but cannot provide commanders predictive insight or information about the long-term readiness of their force. This has resulted in inefficiencies such as unplanned, just-in-time substitutes, costly medical evacuations from theater of war and an increased risk to mission failure.Knowing that it would be difficult to change decades of behavior and the systemic approach to mental health, our team uncovered the need to answer the question:

“How might we provide Military leadership the information they need to quickly understand the long-term ability of their servicemen and women to complete both the mission at hand and missions down-range and use those insights to make actionable strategic decisions?”


My Role

I led a 10 person project team made up of 2 Interaction Designers, a Visual Designer, a Data Scientist, a Data Architect, 4 Military SMEs and a User Researcher. I was responsible for all Strategic Design and Project Manager activities, as well as Product Owner approvals. In addition, I co-led the tool’s Readiness Redefined marketing campaign, oversaw the patent application and filing process (filed in July 2017 and completed in April 2018), and co-wrote ROM for product pilot.

* Due to proprietary confidentiality, the details of the insights, data points and algorithm have been intentionally omitted.



  • Worked with Data Architect and Data Scientist to identify potential data points that could impact "readiness” and subsequent sourcesIdentified emerging themes from all research inputs

  • Created 4 high level personas or “account types”

  • Used prioritization framework to select one persona for prototype


  • Reviewed 23 existing reports on the state of medical readiness to understand business landscape and the problem at hand

  • Held weekly one-hour interviews for 3 months with 4 former Military Commanders to understand the political complexities of their positions, the pain points associated with the work, and all of the information they wish they had access to when making strategic decisions

  • Interviewed former Surgeon General of the Army, Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho on her work with the Performance Triad


  • Led a working session to write epic that would inform subsequent user stories

  • Worked with UX researcher and Interaction Designer to design account experience

  • Worked with UX researcher and Interaction Designer to design user flows for multiple stories

  • Worked with Visual Designer to develop product style guides and campaign video

  • Worked with Developer to begin connecting back-end data sources to front-end design


At the end of our 6 month project, our team delivered a functioning prototype that provides military leadership a holistic picture of overall force readiness, preparing Servicemen and women to be not just fit to deploy, but fit to serve for a sustained career in the armed forces.